April, 2013

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4 Steps To Effective Customer Retention

4 Steps To Effective Customer Retention

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, which is why most marketing efforts are geared toward attracting new ones into the fold. However, business owners would benefit as much–if not even more–from putting some effort into retaining existing customers as well. Existing customers are valuable company resources, and keeping them happy will have numerous pay offs for any business.


Be ready for change

Change could occur if you initiate it, but it also often comes unbidden. In order to be able to retain your customer base, you should be prepared for both occurrences. Retaining your customers is often about keeping them interested, and doing so will require making periodic changes to your marketing approach. You don’t necessarily want to make drastic changes to your company’s image, but you do want to be prepared to deal with your customers’ shifting interests.


Communicate your message clearly

With so much information coming at us from every direction, you can imagine that your audience must be pretty desensitized to most marketing spiels by now. In order to cut through the racket and connect with your audience in a more meaningful way, it is often more beneficial to adopt a simpler approach to delivering your message.


Captivate them with a story

Everyone loves a good story and you might be able to improve customer retention by providing a story that will captivate them. You could for example tell a story about how your particular brand of service proved invaluable during a crucial situation. Don’t embellish the truth and definitely don’t make anything up, but do strive to paint your company in a good light.


Keep an eye on the competition

Paying attention to what your competition is doing is essential for retaining customers. If a competing firm seems to be successfully maintaining its customer base, you could benefit from the methods they implement. In the same way, you could learn from a company that seems to have trouble retaining customers and strive to avoid making the same mistakes.

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