April, 2016

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Restaurant Equipment for Your Business – A Top Priority

Restaurant Equipment for Your Business – A Top Priority

Of the three major priorities restaurant owners must consider, restaurant equipment ranks just after location and facility size. The specific restaurant equipment depends on the type of dining service offered. For example, an upscale restaurant that caters mainly to weddings and special occasions may not need the same type of equipment that a small, cafe style restaurant needs.

Most Common Equipment for Restaurant Kitchens

In addition to refrigeration units, baking ovens and deep fryer units, among the most common equipment needed in restaurants are long stainless steel carving and prep tables and small appliances like multi-purpose mixers, dough rollers and dividers, blenders and ice crushing units. Dishwashers are an important feature in most restaurant kitchens.

Miscellaneous Equipment

In addition to cooking and baking equipment, there are miscellaneous pieces of equipment found in many restaurants. For instance, computerized Point of Sale and order entry equipment help wait staff speed up customer orders and order processing by kitchen staff.

In addition, some restaurants require commercial heated and refrigerated Bain Marie equipment for specialized restaurant menus. Ice bins, food scales, griddles, rotisseries, salamander broilers, steam tables and food warmers are other miscellaneous equipment restaurants required to complete kitchen service.

Where to Buy Equipment for Your Business

Restaurant owners have several options when buying equipment. They can choose a fully-outfitted facility, purchase close out equipment from a restaurant supplier or they can purchase new, more updated equipment. There are suppliers online and off. For replacements, simply provide the information on the existing equipment. The supplier will assist with choosing a newer model or replace the existing model.

When to Purchase Equipment for Your Restaurant

Depending on the age of existing equipment in your restaurant business, it is advisable to replace worn grills, stoves, refrigeration units and ovens when they begin to lose efficiency. Loss of operational efficiency results in poor quality of food preparation and may ultimately result in loss of dining patrons.

Also, inefficient equipment may create spikes in the cost of energy use such as natural gas or electricity. Today’s restaurants, small cafes and fast food emporiums all rely on a more computer-managed system of service and food preparation. This results in less food loss and spoilage and is highly cost-effective for those in the restaurant business. It’s also important to connect restaurant websites that provide menu updates and specials to social media to increase diner patronage.

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