November, 2016

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The Impact of Indoor Navigation Technology in Various Sectors

The Impact of Indoor Navigation Technology in Various Sectors
The indoor navigation system is a revolutionary technology that has transformed the way people access the various amenities such as retail shops, museums, and restaurants. This system is indispensable in the contemporary healthcare sector as well since it can help a patient find the pertinent healthcare services effortlessly. The following are some of the few examples where this technology has made the greatest impact:

Museum visitors are always in a hurry since they have a short time to see various attractions. However, wayfinding in such buildings is difficult since these visitors rely on signage, brochures, and other old school methods to find the vast array of attractions. With signage and brochures, it is easy to miss some of the key attractions in the museum. Today, museums are struggling to meet the needs of the Millennial visitors, who prefer to utilize the smartphones and social networks to enhance their experience. Fortunately, the museums have an opportunity to improve their user’s experience by creating indoor maps that highlight the position of the vast array of attractions.

Airports can benefit from the gps for indoors since they are extremely busy places. With families, vacationers, and business travelers, on the move, nobody wants to waste any time giving directions. It is also quite easy to miss the signage if you are in a hurry, meaning that a digital system of wayfinding can work to your advantage. In addition, the passengers have to spend time on the queues for security purposes, meaning that everyone has little or no time to spare. In the typical airport, this system can help in the following ways:

• Show the current location of every user to help the passengers navigate to their destination by charting the right and easiest route
• Highlight the key amenities such as food courts, retail shops, lounges, and restaurants
• Offer special routes and additional information for the disabled by providing access for wheelchairs, elevators, and shuttles
• Highlight alternative routes in the case of an emergency, terminal closures, and special events
• The indoor positioning system enables the passengers to identify the location of their loved ones and colleagues with the help of the mobile apps

In the healthcare sector, indoor navigation for hospitals is instrumental when it comes to highlighting the locations where patients can get the various services that the hospital offers. From the emergency, radiology, casualty, and maternity departments, patients need to identify these areas as soon as possible in the hour of need. Patients often struggle to locate the buildings where they can get medical help, and in many cases, they are always late for appointments. Hospitals should always strive to automate the various processes with the goal to provide better healthcare to a vast array of patients. You can learn additional information at Jibestream.

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