4 Things You Can Expect From An Office Cleaning Company

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4 Things You Can Expect From An Office Cleaning Company

Business owners and property managers rarely have time to worry about the cleanliness of the offices or stores that they are responsible for. Expecting employees of the company to keep up with office cleaning is one option, but this means that employees are distracted from their normal work tasks throughout the work day. Here are four tasks that a commercial cleaning Vancouver company  will handle.

Emptying of all trash receptacles in the office

Commercial cleaning companies often start by removing office trash whenever they visit a place of business. Trash removal is especially beneficial when an office is located far from any dumpsters the building may have. For example, offices on top floors of high rise buildings would require employees to leave for a significant period of time just to empty the trash.

Keeping trash cans emptied is essential to maintain a professional image when clients enter an office. Overflowing bins convey a negative message to clients, so having a commercial cleaning company take care of this task is beneficial.

Removing of allergens through dusting and vacuuming.

Allergens in an office or store can lead to serious health risks for employees. Employees who are exposed to air that is polluted with allergens on a regular basis may actually take more sick days than employees who work in a building that is cleaned routinely. Commercial cleaning companies have high-quality equipment that is designed to remove these allergens from the air.

Vacuums with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are able to keep allergens from finding their way back into the air after a cleaner vacuums an office. Dusting and wiping surfaces throughout the office removes dirt and debris that may lead to illness.

Thoroughly cleaning office bathrooms.

Keeping bathrooms clean is important for the health of employees, and commercial buildings that have public bathrooms also have to maintain bathroom cleanliness to ensure that customers see the store or office in a positive light. Commercial cleaners will spend time using cleaning products that are specifically made for bathroom cleaning. Tile bathroom floors can also be periodically stripped and waxed by commercial cleaners.

Using specialised equipment for heavy-duty jobs.

Unexpected messes can happen in an office setting. For example, an office employee could accidentally spill toner on the carpeting in an office. Most people do not know how to get toner out of a carpet, and leaving such an obvious stain could be a big problem if an office space is rented. Even if the company owns the building, large stains are unprofessional.

Commercial cleaners have heavy-duty equipment that is designed to handle big jobs. Buying or even renting such equipment can be very costly for an office manager or property owner, and training is necessary to ensure that a person can use the equipment. Hiring a commercial cleaner means benefiting from heavy-duty equipment and having someone who has experience in handling the equipment on the job.

Cleaning a commercial building is time-consuming and difficult for property owners and employees of the company occupying the building. Commercial cleaners at Jan-Pro have the equipment, knowledge and experience necessary to get the job done.

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