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4 Benefits of Field Service Management Software

4 Benefits of Field Service Management Software

Most service organizations have embraced the use of field service management (FSM) software to enhance operations and boost output in the recent past. The Field service management software is dedicated to improving asset management, tracking, scheduling, and monitoring operations through a cloud-based system. Businesses that are focused on staying ahead of the competition and getting fast to market their products have already implemented these field service management solutions. Here are four reasons why your business should start reaping benefits from the FSM software:

1) Real-time monitoring

The FSM software enables both small and large service businesses to monitor the operations of their field personnel with ease and remotely. Supervisors and field managers can track their field agents and conduct field service scheduling without calling the agents back to the headquarters to submit reports or make any necessary adjustments before sending them back to the field. The traditional methods of monitoring field agents are hectic and time-consuming as compared to the use of the field management software. In situations where the interventions of managers or supervisors are required, the back-office responses and task management can be easily effected in real-time.

2) Back office integration

Once the field service management software has been integrated with other office systems such as billing, inventory, human resource, and the accounting department, it becomes efficient to communicate with the field operations and implement necessary changes like preventative maintenance practices and assigning of a service technician. Your business can easily generate necessary tickets and amend relevant details without the risk of misplacing paperwork. In other words, the software will centralize the organization’s systems and allow the business to run smoothly without facing any mistakes.

3) Effective scheduling

Businesses that need to effectively handle their field scheduling whenever hundreds of repairs or thousands of schedules need to be implemented can benefit greatly from the field management software. The field service management solution will help your business cut down on the unnecessary costs of transport for field agents who have to travel back and forth whenever they want to consult with their field supervisors before they make certain decisions while on the field. The faster communication channels effected by the field service management software will also boost customer service delivery.

4) Streamlined reporting

The field service management software will harmonize all systems, resources, and personnel in order to streamline operations and reporting. In fact, the software will make the review of various functions such as task allocations, scheduling, implementation, and completion of projects much easier for the managers. Top executives will also benefit greatly by reviewing their departmental managers’ FSM generated reports in order to make sound decisions periodically. You can find more information at Miracle Service.

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4 Reasons to Use Eco-Friendly Product Packaging For Your Business

4 Reasons to Use Eco-Friendly Product Packaging For Your Business

More and more business are making the switch to eco-friendly product packaging. However, some still need help making the jump to lower their company’s carbon footprint. Below, are the top four reasons why you and your business should make the ultimate switch to eco-friendly packaging to help save the environment and lower your impact on the planet.

1. Helps the Environment
Using eco-friendly packaging is much more than just a gimmick, it can also help the environment. This is mainly due to eco-friendly product packaging being made from recyclable materials.
Not only does this help minimize waste, but also lowers your carbon footprint on the environment at the same time. Additionally, this also helps prevent harmful plastics from existing in the world around us.

2. Boosts Your Brand’s Image
You may not be one of the first companies to reach fame by going eco-friendly, but it can help boost your brand’s image in the public eye. Your customers will love knowing what your company cares about the environment and enjoy optimizing environmentally friendly packaging compared to more harmful packaging methods that might cost less.
Plus, you can even opt into eco-friendly sustainability quotas that other companies are using to their benefit. Not only will this help gain new consumers, but shine a more positive tone for your brand’s image.

3. It’s Easier to Dispose
Believe it or not, going with eco-friendly packaging is actually easier to move and dispose of compared to other packaging materials. Not to mention, it is also fully reusable, recyclable, and compostable as well.
Companies can expect to see obvious savings when switching to eco-friendly packaging materials and even discounts from suppliers. Additionally, choosing to go with eco-friendly packaging is simpler to make than more hazardous packaging to the environment, such as aluminum.

Eco-friendly product packaging also has much fewer regulations, which means recycling or disposing of it is much easier than other product packaging materials.

4. Increased Versatility
One of the best reasons to use sustainable packaging is its flexibility. If your industry uses packaging supplies, you can use eco-friendly packaging. Because there is so much variety in packaging, you will be able to use this environmentally friendly packaging for all of your needs. There are no limits to the products you can place in this packaging. This also means that you can be more creative with your packaging materials, designs, and custom boxes. Whether you are packaging food, cosmetics, or any other product, you will be able to make use of sustainable packaging.

When it comes to packaging supplies, your business has a lot of options. However, choosing eco-friendly options can not only help the environment, it can also help your business to gain customers. If you would like to learn more, the Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd website is a helpful source for information.

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The Impact of Indoor Navigation Technology in Various Sectors

The Impact of Indoor Navigation Technology in Various Sectors
The indoor navigation system is a revolutionary technology that has transformed the way people access the various amenities such as retail shops, museums, and restaurants. This system is indispensable in the contemporary healthcare sector as well since it can help a patient find the pertinent healthcare services effortlessly. The following are some of the few examples where this technology has made the greatest impact:

Museum visitors are always in a hurry since they have a short time to see various attractions. However, wayfinding in such buildings is difficult since these visitors rely on signage, brochures, and other old school methods to find the vast array of attractions. With signage and brochures, it is easy to miss some of the key attractions in the museum. Today, museums are struggling to meet the needs of the Millennial visitors, who prefer to utilize the smartphones and social networks to enhance their experience. Fortunately, the museums have an opportunity to improve their user’s experience by creating indoor maps that highlight the position of the vast array of attractions.

Airports can benefit from the gps for indoors since they are extremely busy places. With families, vacationers, and business travelers, on the move, nobody wants to waste any time giving directions. It is also quite easy to miss the signage if you are in a hurry, meaning that a digital system of wayfinding can work to your advantage. In addition, the passengers have to spend time on the queues for security purposes, meaning that everyone has little or no time to spare. In the typical airport, this system can help in the following ways:

• Show the current location of every user to help the passengers navigate to their destination by charting the right and easiest route
• Highlight the key amenities such as food courts, retail shops, lounges, and restaurants
• Offer special routes and additional information for the disabled by providing access for wheelchairs, elevators, and shuttles
• Highlight alternative routes in the case of an emergency, terminal closures, and special events
• The indoor positioning system enables the passengers to identify the location of their loved ones and colleagues with the help of the mobile apps

In the healthcare sector, indoor navigation for hospitals is instrumental when it comes to highlighting the locations where patients can get the various services that the hospital offers. From the emergency, radiology, casualty, and maternity departments, patients need to identify these areas as soon as possible in the hour of need. Patients often struggle to locate the buildings where they can get medical help, and in many cases, they are always late for appointments. Hospitals should always strive to automate the various processes with the goal to provide better healthcare to a vast array of patients. You can learn additional information at Jibestream.

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Boosting HVAC Business Productivity with Mobile Forms

Boosting HVAC Business Productivity with Mobile Forms

As a visionary business leader and investor, you need to always be on the lookout for innovative solutions that can boost your productivity. You must be driven by the desire to empower your employees to work more productively. You will not want part of your team to feel bogged down by having to undertake menial and time consuming tasks. One such tool that facilitates efficiency is mobile HVAC forms.

Well-designed HVAC forms can help your business in several ways:

  • Simplify work flow: Combined HVAC service forms that cover orders, cost documentation, and invoices will greatly simplify your processes.
  • Job Tracking: Record field visits and easily generate new job leads with well-designed pre-field call books. You can also maintain separate copies for office records and the field crews.
  • Customer communications: Your HVAC business relies heavily on good customer service. With good forms that are linked with mobile devices, it becomes easier and faster to link clients with field teams. This will boost customer experience and improve productivity.

Cuts Down On Paperwork

With mobile HVAC forms, details for every field job can be utilized in building your customer databases and providing more efficient billing and payments. Mobile application can facilitate on-site payment for your customers. Additionally, when your forms are automated, the entire invoicing process becomes faster and better.

Instead of having to make phone calls, your field-based crews can stay conveniently connected with office-based field managers and minimize costs through innovative mobile app based HVAC forms. Field employees will easily retrieve the automatically generated invoices and pass them without delay to the customer. This ensures payments are timely.

Real Time Data

When you are using mobile based field forms, they automatically get submitted to the office and the reports and data are instantly accessible for review and processing. Real time data means you can react to customer and market changes faster, which gives you several competitive advantages.

For example, real time information and data helps in intelligent scheduling and streamlining your back office operations. This empowers your business to not only gain more visibility into field operations and jobsite dispatches, but it also provides you with tools useful in making swift business decisions.

Get Right Technology

Field service workers can use HVAC forms to communicate with the client and base office for logging and invoicing the clients without having to make endless trips to the office. For this, you need to adopt appropriate technology for your specific HVAC operations.


Mobile connectivity has the potential of helping your business boost overall HVAC service, achieve incredible oversight and efficiency. Therefore, your goal towards improving productivity should be ensuring effective connectivity, equipping your field workers with suitable technology that eliminates communication obstacles. Your mobile form platforms must be easily integrated with your other business systems. To learn more, please visit the Pronto Forms website.

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The History of Wireless Laser Printers

The History of Wireless Laser Printers

Development of the wireless laser printer began in 1969. At that time copiers did just that, made copies. But what if a computer, using a laser beam, could print the original? By adapting a copier, a researcher showed that a laser beam could be part of the printing process.

Laser Printers

At that time, lasers were expensive. Anticipating that the future would bring the price down, the researcher was determined to follow up on his idea. With his company’s management not in favor of his plan, he did his work in secret, with co-workers spiriting him the parts he needed. Within two weeks, he had the hardware ready to go. It took another 3 months for the development of the computer software and interface. And in 1969 he was ready for his first demonstration which worked as planned, printing an original direct from a computer.

In 1970, his company built a major research center and further development of a laser printer was a perfect fit. Now working with his company’s blessing, the researcher had his first really working model completed in 1971. The first commercial laser printer was ready for manufacture.

As other companies joined into what looked like the future of printing, new models began to hit the marketplace. In 1979, a major computer manufacturer introduced a laser printer that could print 20,000 lines per minute. The first laser printer for the home market was introduced in 1980. Between 1984 and 1996, it seemed like a new laser printer hit the market every year. The first one costing less than $1,000 was on the market in 1990.

Wireless Technology

In 1985, a ruling by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission led to the development of wireless technology. This ruling freed up three bands of the radio spectrum that anyone could use without a license. Technology companies began to work on wireless devices. But with no common standard, devices made by different manufacturers could not communicate. This led, in 1997, to a standard that received approval from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Working with standards set by the IEEE, wireless technology has continued to improve. The first standard could handle at most a transmission rate of 2 megabits per second. Today, some wireless bandwidths can, theoretically, send data as fast as 1,000 mbps.

It is not surprising that with increased speed the use of wireless technology found its way to computers, phones, and printers. It was only a matter of time until the lower cost of wireless laser printers pushed them into the home and small business markets. Visit West X Business Solutions if you want to find more resources and information.

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How to Find a Legitimate Locksmith.

How to Find a Legitimate Locksmith.

Emergencies often strike us at very awkward times. Often, we find things when we have the least use for them. However, when we need them the most, they seem to vanish into thin air. These sorts of situations have always compromised our punctuality. One circumstance of this kind is when you are in a hurry to get somewhere, and you just cannot find two clean socks that much. Another is when you urgently need to get into your house or car and completely fail to find your keys. When you call a roommate, spouse or relative that is always around to give you a spare key, they surprisingly turn out to be over 100 miles away or conveniently out of reach. So what do you do in case of such emergencies where you are locked out and do not have the luxury of time to research for the best locksmiths around.
Crucial key smith secrets
• Some key smiths advertising in your local telephone book may not be local at all
• Some key smiths may try to intimidate you as tact to overcharge you
• Some key smiths may not have professional training
• Some key smiths will give out your address and other information and material to burglars after serving you
• some of these craftsmen do have insurance and not only cannot afford to pay for damages but also put you in liability to give them a duty of care in case they injure themselves while serving you
Simple ways to avoid being scammed
1. Verify the address given
Ask the craftsmen you are talking to give you their legal business name and address. No matter what sort of a hurry you might be in, a quick check for verification will cost you nothing. If the address provided checks out with other sorts of enterprise, be wary.
If when you call the number provided, you are redirected to an 800 number, they are definitely not local.
2. Verify locksmith identity and licensure
Sure you are in a hurry. Make sure you do not hurry to get out of a small problem and into a bigger one. Ascertain that your craftsman is who they say they are. Legitimate artisans will not be in a hurry to secure business with you. Their professionalism dictates that they also verify you are who you are and not a burglar contracting them to do the breaking and entering for you. Ask questions before they come to you but be open to answering questions as well.
3. Ask for price list
Do not be lured by very low rates. They are often used to bait people and then extortion follows. At this point, inquire if there could be any other charges outside the quoted prices. If the locksmith appears inconsistent, cut contact.
Always take the registration number of the vehicle your locksmith uses. Ask what of payment is acceptable. Avoid using cash as much as possible.
The best artisans are those that have been referred by people you know. If you have such a contact, please keep it. You should also share it with your friends. They will thank you for it one day. You can learn additional information at Lock-Up Services Inc.

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