Corrugated Pop Displays Provide Cost-effective Shipping and Marketing Resource

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Corrugated Pop Displays Provide Cost-effective Shipping and Marketing Resource

Lightweight, low cost, and durable enough to withstand the rigors of transport, corrugated packaging materials are widely used in the packing and shipping process of countless businesses. Corrugated boxes that have pull-tabs, extra panels and other design elements that allow them to be utilized as a pop display help to ensure that retail customers and end-line consumers are more likely to notice a product once it has reached the shelf. Packaging companies that sell boxes that can be quickly converted into either stand-alone or pop displays can provide businesses with the opportunity to improve both their shipping and marketing efforts.

Corrugated Packaging Offers Superior Flexibility
Corrugated materials are typically tough and durable enough to provide goods and products with more than enough protection during transport. Shirk-wrap films, plastic skins and other coatings can provide corrugated packaging with additional protection from moisture to help ensure that packaged items are able to reach their destination unharmed. Single-sheet packaging often lacks the impact-resistance made possible with corrugation while plastics and other shipping materials are often too expensive for businesses working on a fixed or limited budget. Corrugated boxes are versatile enough for almost any packaging or shipping process and can be purchased for much less overall cost than many alternative materials.

Convertible Boxes and Pop Displays
Pop displays that created from the same box products are shipped in can play a valuable role in almost any marketing or advertising strategy. Products stocked on crowded shelves may be easily overlooked by end-line consumers and boxes that can be converted into either a shelf or stand-alone display can ensure that merchants and retailers can more easily make a sale. Overlooking the importance of in-store marketing or retail advertising can find many manufacturers and suppliers struggling to improve their sales. Built-in display options and shipping boxes that can be used to advertise a product can make a real difference.

Finding the Best Packaging Materials
Not all packaging companies may offer convertible corrugated boxes and other packaging materials suitable for use as in-store displays. Investing in corrugated boxes that retailers will have no further use for can be a costly misstep. Pop displays and shipping materials that can be re-purposed for in-store marketing can provide a superior return of investment and help to ensure products are able to enjoy greater prominence and recognition once they hit the shelves. Dual-purpose corrugated packaging and marketing materials can be of far greater benefit than conventional boxes and shipping materials that are likely to be discarded after a shipment has been received.

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