How To Take Photo ID Security To The Next Level

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How To Take Photo ID Security To The Next Level

Security on business premises is crucial in today’s world. As a company owner, ensuring that your staff has identification documents when entering or leaving your business premises helps to protect confidential data, as well as the employees’ security. There is a variety of photo ID software that you can use to produce high-quality ID cards.

A photo ID system has several features and functionality that you can use to create identification documents in several designs, sizes, and databases.

Having a digital identification card production center will give you the control of confidential information. Unlike when you contract another company to make ID cards for you, you can always be sure that employees’ personal information does not land in the hands of third parties.

Photo ID software may have the following unique qualities:
• A platform that allows you to enter the preferred card design and printing options
• Photo identification capabilities
• ID card database management system
• Contactless smart card support
• A sophisticated company security on an enterprise identification platform

Photo ID Software Options
You must have an idea of the goals you wish to achieve with the ID software.

One-sided ID card: The printing of single sided cards is the easiest. You can get basic software to design and print cards with information on only one side.
Two-sided ID card: To design and print graphics on the two faces of your photo ID card, the ID software with duplex printing features or dual sided printing is the best.

The Identification Card Database
With your ID cards production software, you can have either an internal database or an outside database to store the created ID documents and corresponding images. For the quickest access to any printed data especially when you need to retrieve or reprint a lost or stolen ID card, choose an ID making software with an internal database. The internal database will also allow you to make changes to the ID card quickly and easily in future. It is important to ensure information that is stored in the database will not harm the personnel in the event of a database breach. Even the largest companies are victim to database breaches.

Sharing the Card Data with other Offices
The ODBC ID card program, also called the open database may allow for the import the ID card image and graphics, but ODBC system does not have the export features.
The ID card company can provide you with the operating software that has the following features:
• Photo ID software that supports networking
• The card software allowing for specialized barcode printing
• Batch processing to streamline the card printing process
• A platform to encode smart cards with an antenna and embedded memory chip

You should match your ID cards software with business needs. Luckily many ID software companies have low pricing and ID software tools that are easy to use

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